Eldon Primary School

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Colourful Semantics

Colourful Semantics helps us understand how sentences are structured - and the different types of words within them


It helps us understand and retell stories, which helps with our language and reading


The colours help us to structure our sentences


We place them in the right order and answer questions like 'who is it?'


We retell our story of the week using the colour-coded pictures





I independently segmented and then wrote laptop.


I was able to segment hump and put the letters in the correct place on the phoneme frame.


Children have been doing lots of independent writing. This child sounded out and wrote ‘hot.’


Some children are writing independent sentences too!


We have been using phoneme frames to help us with our writing!


We have had lots of practise reading captions.



We have been drawing and writing, and enjoying reading together in our cosy book corner.