Eldon Primary School

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Year 1

In Year 1 we have been learning about plants in Science. We started by looking at different types of plants to see if we could describe them and explain what is similar and different. We noticed that all of the plants we looked at had leaves but some of them were round and some were pointy and had a jagged edge. There were big leaves and small leaves and they were also different colours. Then we looked at the flower and the different petals. We thought about what was similar and what was different.


"The Begonia has pink or white leaves but the Marigold has leaves that are a golden colour." Zaina, Sunflower Class.


We then looked at wild plants. We found dandelions and daisies on the school field.


"The dandelion is growing but it is a wild flower, it wasn't planted here. The rain is the water." Ellijah, Sunflower class.




Year 2

How can you stay fit during break times? Which games will you play?

Hoop Circle

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Pass the Tag

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Relays Game

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Skipping Challenge

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Statues Tag

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