Eldon Primary School

Aspiration, Determination, Success


Year 1

In Year 1 we are learning about plants.

We walked around the school and looked at the plants. We used magnifiers, clip boards and drew the plants. We looked at the leaves’ veins and edges. We looked at the colours and shapes of the flowers. We compared the plants we saw.

We drew plants and labelled the flower, stem, leaf and root.

We looked at the roots of different plants too.

As a part of our Science unit of work on Animals, we had a visit from some amazing animals.

We held a snake and learnt that they use their tongues to smell. They like to eat mice and can move quickly to kill them.  They are hunters. They are long and have no legs.

We caught a dragon fly in our hands.

We touched a frog.

We touched a centipede. We looked at the legs on the centipede.

We held a snail- they leave a slimy trail. They move very slowly because they are herbivores and only eat plants.


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Year 2

Our new unit is on Materials. We have been busy creating a movement sequence using squashing, stretching, bending and twisting actions. We have also been using Venn diagrams to sort materials according to whether they can be stretched, bent or twisted. We are also learning to test materials to see whether they are flexible, rigid, stretchy, squashy, elastic or stiff.
This term in science we have been learning about habitats. We looked around the school garden to see the animals and plants that live in that habitat.