Eldon Primary School

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Information Technology

Word Processing


Year 1

We are learning to use the keyboard. We have used Alphasmarts and keyboard games to help us recognise the letters on an uppercase keyboard.

We have used Word on the computer. First we wrote our names then we learnt how to change the colour of the text and we wrote our names again!

We then wrote some sentences. Some sentences began I can. Some sentences began I like. We then added a border to our work.

We have learnt how to print our work.

Year 2

We have been using Word. We have learnt how to change the font style, colour and size and we can select and edit text. We also wrote a list and centred our work.

We are learning how to keep safe on the Internet. We had the story Chicken Clicking then we used Word to write sentences to remind us what we have to do to keep safe. We listened to the story Chicken Clicking.




In Key Stage 2 we have been learning lots about word processing and using different software to present our work.

We know how to edit the size, colour and font of our text. We can insert pictures, tables and word art. We have learnt to change the background of slides and add animations and transitions to our presentations. We have also been using our class blogs to write about Fair-trade and learn how to post and comment responsibly.




Data Handling


We made branching databases by asking yes and no questions about people's appearances. We also used Microsoft Excel to learn about the different cells, charts and formulas we can use to present data and help us with calculations.





Year 3

We used Microsoft paint to explore the rotate and flip tools. First we filled the page with different shapes and filled in all the spaces with different colours. Then we selected one area of the page to copy and paste into a new sheet. We then used that tile and continued to paste, flip and rotate it to make a symmetrical pattern.

Then we looked at how images are displayed on different electrical devices. We learned that these images are made of tiny squares called pixels and that each pixel can only be one colour. If you zoom in on an image you can see the pixels.

Some people use large pixels to make pixel art. We were given some worksheets with numbered grids and had to work out the code to colour in the correct squares or 'pixels'. Each sheet had a different pixel art character. When we finished we made our own pixel art on the computers. 

We also learned that you can manipulate or change images. As an example we looked at the artist Rafael Mantesso who incorporates his dog in his sketches.



We tried to create similar images by pasting a photograph of an animal into paint and then drawing our own images over the top.

We have also been learning about volcanoes. In our computing lessons we used our graphics knowledge to create some pictures of volcanoes.




Year 4

In Year 4 our topic is Superheroes. In our computing lessons we have been looking at the features of a comic book and creating our own stories. We planned a story as a class and thought about what pictures we would need in the comic. We used the Superhero peg characters we had made (and Miss Cohen's villains) and took photographs of them on different backgrounds. Once we had the photographs we needed we each used Comic Life to design a comic book. We had to choose the layout of panels for each page and use different kinds of bubbles and caption boxes to tell the story. We also used sound and action words.


See some examples of our work below:


As we have also been learning about rivers we used a program called Sumo Paint to create pictures of river scenes. We used different kinds of paint brushes and stamps to make different effects.




Year 5

In Year 5 we have been learning about Computer Aided Design (CAD).

We used CAD to design a house. First we drew a floor plan on paper, then we used SketchUp to create a 3D model of our house.




Year 6

In Year 6 we have been creating stop motion animations. We had to plan a story, then draw our backgrounds and characters. We used webcams and J2Spotlight to create the animations by moving each character a tiny amount and taking a photograph after each movement. When all the photos are played together it creates a short film.