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Frog Club

Frog Club




In Frog Club you have 5 minutes to complete the times table questions at your level and the number of questions increases as you rise up through the clubs.

It begins with 33 questions on the 2, 5 & 10 times tables in the 33 club, to the all the tables in the 99 club! In the 99 club you answer 99 questions on your times tables in 5 minutes!

To jump onto the next lily pad you have to get all the questions right in your club in 5 minutes!






Use this website to test yourself.

Select the tables of the club you are in and see if you can answer enough questions correctly in 5 minutes.


Use these timers

Select the timer you like and set the time to 5 minutes







Which Club are you in?




33 Club 44 Club 55 Club 66 Club 77 Club 88 Club 99 Club I know ALL my times tables!!