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Friday 5th June - Kinder Kitchen Cooking

Kinder Kitchen Recipes -

easy, healthy yet tasty kids meals


Our Mission

We at Kinder Kitchen are passionate about food, home cooking and promoting a healthy lifestyle. We strongly believe that a healthy relationship with food starts by cooking for yourself. Our aim is to get young and old back in touch with the raw ingredient and fresh food and equip them with basic culinary skills.


Our Background

Cooking is a dying trend. In our current world of fast, pre-packaged, convenience on the go foods too many people have lost sight of the origins of food and food preparation.

Food related illnesses are on the increase and we eat three times the amount of sugar than 50 years ago. These trends are now also affecting our children. Children today are developing problems with food. Whether they be food phobic, fussy eaters or experience severe allergies to certain foods, there have never been such worrying statistics. In some boroughs in London 4 in 10 children are obese.

Our busy schedules, ease of buying pre-made or processed meals, loss of interest in cooking meals from scratch and eating foods saturated in fat and sugar, among others, are contributing to our eating problems.

The food industry is not being entirely honest with us and we are not are not being feed the truth. We are overwhelmed with advice and research findings that change from month to month and along with cookery programmes and cook books showing complicated recipes that cost a small fortune and take hours to prepare, we are confused.

We want to re-instil a love and understanding of food and demystify the food choices available to us. and cooking by going back-to-basics. Children love to cook. They also love to eat healthy food. Our classes and workshops teach them how to do both.

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