Eldon Primary School

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Fair Trade


Year 6 had two special guest speakers from the Enfield Fairtrade Campaign, who attended our school to give an informative presentation and discussion about Fairtrade and its impact on communities, families and working conditions for producers in developing countries.


This presentation built upon the current Fairtrade topic throughout Year 6, where we are currently writing explanatory texts on Fairtrade bananas and tea. This will lead into a balanced argument over the coming weeks on Fairtrade. As well as literacy, Fairtrade is linked with our geography, looking at the geographical location of producer countries and their climate as well as the history of trade from the reign of Elizabeth 1st. Children felt this experience from two prudent experts who have been a proactive part in making Enfield a Fairtrade borough, gave a great insight into the far reaching effects of Fair-trade. 


Some children have demonstrated their gratitude and written thank you letters to our guest speakers and have shown some of the key facts they have learnt.