Eldon Primary School

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Expressive Arts & Design

Expressive Arts and Design

In Terrific Twos and Rising Threes:

We explore lots of different things to find out what we can do with them

We jump, bounce or swing our arms when we hear music or songs that we like

We join in with some of the words and actions we know when adults sing our favourite songs

We use chunky pens or crayons to make lines that go up and down and round and round

We start making different sounds, like fast and loud, when playing musical instruments or everyday things like spoons, pots or plastic bowls

We use our hands to make marks in paint or mud

We pretend that a toy or thing is something else, such as pretending that a teddy is a baby


When children are at home:

Give children a big piece of paper or shower curtain on the floor to see what marks they can make with a paint brush, their hands or feet

Give children ribbons or scarves to hold as they dance to music

Give children an old telephone so that they can pretend to phone you

Give children a bowl of soapy water so that they can wash their dolls