Eldon Primary School

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Expressive Art and Design

Expressive Art and Design

Fashion Show

This week Blue Class had a very exciting design project happening – fashion design! The children designed and made their own clothes from newspaper by folding and creasing, and then modelled them on our catwalk. They had lots of fun, and looked very stylish! Well done Blue Class.

Our parents and carers came in to watch us perform in music

We performed Little Red Riding Hood
The boys acted as the wolf and were really scary
We danced to the beat
We practised our high and low pitch
We used the shakers to make a beat
Our parents and carers joined in with us


We currently have a hairdresser’s role play area in Red Class. This child is styling a customer’s hair.


Children are encouraged to create independently. This child created a kite on a windy day.


We have experimented with the different sounds that instruments make.



We have been doing observational drawings this week, looking closely at the details of unusual objects and drawing them. We talked about texture, shape and light and shade.