Eldon Primary School

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Communication & Language

Communication and Language

In Terrific Twos and Rising Threes:

We like to join in with the sounds that different characters and things make in stories

We join in with the actions and sounds of different songs

When we play with our favourite toys we are focused and engaged

We talk about the names of toys or things that we want

We find toys or things from a basket or box when asked

We begin to understand what to do when adults tell me to do one thing, such as “Throw the ball” or “Put the baby in the bed”

We start to use words that we have heard adults say, such as “Oh dear” or “All gone”

We begin to say two word phrases such as “want ball” or “more juice” to tell adults what we want or need

We begin to use lots of everyday words that are important to us, such as “banana”, “go”, “sleep” or “hot”

We begin to ask questions, like “What’s that?” and “Why?”

Sometimes when playing with toys or listening to stories, we will talk about things that the toys and pictures remind us about


When children are at home:

Talk to children about the sounds you can hear when you go to the shops or the park together

Make the sounds of animals and things when you’re sharing a book

Play games with children where they have to follow instructions like “roll the ball” or “throw the ball”

Let children help you with unpacking the shopping by asking them to find different things like “find the apples” or “find the crackers

Give children choices about what they can have to eat, like “yoghurt or banana”