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Christmas Production

The Stars Come Out for Christmas



The Stars Are Coming Out For Christmas

The Stars Are Coming Out For Christmas


1.  The stars are coming out for Christmas,

  Shining brightly like they do each year,

  But the stars that are shining brightest

  Are the ones that you see standing here.

  And oh what joy we’ll bring you,

  With the Christmas songs we’ll sing you,

  There won’t be a dry eye in the place.

  And if you’ve had a bad day,

  And things have not gone your way,

  We’ll put a Christmas smile upon your face.


2.  The stars are coming out for Christmas,

  There’s so much razzle-dazzle on the way!

  With sparkle and with glitter,

  We are here to brighten up your day.

  So get those hands a-clapping

  Let’s see those toes a-tapping,

  As we fill the air with oom-pa-pa!

  The Christmas bells are ringing,

  This place is really swinging,

  Because tonight everyone’s a star!

  Because tonight everyone’s a star!



Send Me On My Way

Send Me On My Way


1.  Festive greetings sent by internet

  Are ones to disregard.

  Have some Yuletide etiquette,

  And send a Christmas card.


Chorus:  Write a message of love and hope,

  Pop me in an envelope,

  Take me to a red post box

  And send me on my way.

  And send me on my way.


2.  We can brighten the dullest space,

  Relieve that winter chill,

  When we stand above your fireplace

  Or on your windowsill.


Chorus:  Write a message ……………….


3.  You can buy us in a high street store

  For a pound or two,

  But a Christmas card means more

  When it’s made by you.


Chorus:  Write a message ……………….



Boogie-Woogie Santa

Boogie-Woogie Santa


1. Well he’s a boogie-woogie Santa,

A cool dude dressed in red,

Who dances down your chimney

When you’re tucked up in bed.

He leaves you Christmas presents,

Then zooms off on his sled!


Chorus: Hey there, Santa! (Boogie-Woogie Santa)

Said ‘Hey there, Santa!’ (Boogie-Woogie Santa)

Hey Santa Claus won’t ya come and boogie-woogie with me!


2. Well he’s a boogie-woogie Santa

With his reindeer and his elves,

Who help him to deliver

All the toys stacked on his shelves,

But only to boys and girls

Who behave themselves!


Chorus: Hey there ……………….


(Instrumental, during which Santa and helpers give out presents – perhaps to lucky members of the audience!)


3. Well he’s a boogie-woogie Santa,

Likes the odd mince pie

And a glass of sherry

Whenever he drops by.

So leave a winter warmer

For winter’s warmest guy!


Chorus: Hey there……………….



Why Won’t It Snow?

Why Won’t It Snow?


Chorus:  Why won’t it snow? We’d like to know. 

  It never seems to snow at Christmas.

  Not a single flake! Oh, for pity’s sake,

  Why won’t it snow on Christmas day.


1.  Fourteen layers of woollen clothes

  More than keep us warm.

  We’re so insulated

  We’d get through an Arctic storm, so…


Chorus:  Why won’t…..


2.  How cool to build a snowman

  Outside in the yard,

  But we find building snowmen

  Without snow is really hard! Oh…


Chorus:   Why won’t


3.  Oh, to fight with snowballs

  Once the dishes have been done,

  But throwing balls of fresh air

  At each other isn’t fun!  Oh….

Chorus:   Why won’t…..

(Instrumental, during which the snowman produces a basket of snowballs.  The children happily skip around him, throwing the snowballs and enjoying themselves.  As the opening bars of the final verse are heard the snowman retreats, the children kneel in prayer, with hands clasped together.)

4.  We’d sacrifice presents

  Without shedding a tear,

  If only, Lord, you’d make it snow

  On Christmas day this year!

Chorus:  Please make it snow, huge quantities of   snow,

  We really need some snow this   Christmas.

  Loads of lovely flakes!  For all the   children’s sakes

  Please make it snow this Christmas day.



The Christmas Tree Song

The Christmas Tree Song


1. Christmas trees, we’re Christmas trees,

A dreary and dull shade of green.

But when we’ve had a makeover

We’re the grooviest trees on the scene.

Dress us up in tinsel and baubles,

Golds and silvers and reds,

And don’t forget to stick a star

Or angel on our heads.


2. Christmas trees, we’re Christmas trees,

Wrapped in diamond lights,

Sparkling with Christmas chic,

Most glamorous of sights.

Carols sung around us,

Presents sit below.

Christmas trees give every house

A warm and happy glow.


3. Christmas trees, we’re Christmas trees

A thousand, maybe more

Of our spiky needles

Always end up on the floor.

So, if from that hoovering

You really need a break,

You could always go and buy

A Christmas tree that’s fake!



Christmas Dinner Is A Winner

Christmas Dinner Is A Winner


1. Christmas dinner is a winner,

The turkey is a whopper!

There’s enough to fill us up,

To feed us good and proper!


Chorus: And………it’s………

Munch! Munch!

Crunch! Crunch!

Chew! Chew!

Phew! Phew!

We have eaten so much food

We cannot move!


2. Christmas dinner is a winner,

How we love the pud!

And, of course, with brandy sauce,

Boy! It tastes so good!

Chorus: And……….it’s……


(Instrumental, during which everyone pulls crackers and tucks in.)


3. Christmas dinner is a winner,

Helps to build our muscles

That’s just what mums tell us lot

To make us eat our Brussels!


Chorus: And……….it’s……



Oh What a Wonderful Night

Oh What a Wonderful Night


1.  Oh what a wonderful night.

  See how the sky is alight.

  The voices of angels

  Tell of a babe who’ll

  Be born to make everything right.

  Oh what a wonderful night.


2.  Under the light of a star

  Wise men arrive from afar.

  Eyes full of wonder,

  Shepherds have come to show Jesus how happy they are,

  Under the light of a star.

3.  Oh what a beautiful place,

  Smiles shine on every face.

  Born in a stable,

  A manger His cradle,

  Lowly yet so full of grace.

  Oh what a beautiful place.

4.  Let every joyful heart sing,

  Give thanks for our new baby king.

  ‘Love one another

  As sister and brother’ –

  This is the message He’ll bring.

  Let every joyful heart sing.

  Let every joyful heart sing.