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Black History Month

Black History Month


As a part of our ongoing commitment to link our children's learning to contemporary events, we have been exploring journeys made by people from different walks of life. Our children have been learning about famous pioneers during the early 17th century with particular focus on slavery. The children in Year 6 have been exploring the difficult journeys made by slaves, abolitionists and contemporary civil rights activists. In celebration of black history month they
have produced fact files on their favourite person, written a detailed biography as part of an English writing task and also mapped the different journeys made by their respective cultures. At Eldon we aim to develop respect, understanding and tolerance between all members of our school community because out of many people, we are one.


Thank you

Mr A Symister

Martin Luther King had a dream and so did I, for a better future.

By Zaara


Harriet Tubman is a brave woman who risked her life for the slaves.

By Aleyna


Harriet Tubman is inspirational to me.

By Nahima


Harriet Tubman is a courageous woman who fought for freedom.

By Savera!


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