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‘10 Minute Shake Up’ by Change4Life and Disney

10 Minute Shake Up


We would like to introduce you to a major summer campaign by Change4Life with Disney to help kids move more.

The 10 Minute Shake Up campaign aims to bring a little magic to families, with the ambition of getting kids across the country moving for an extra 100 million minutes this summer. We recognise that the summer holidays are long, which can be a real struggle for parents. This campaign aims to shake things up and provide helpful tools and inspiration to families.

Those who sign up for 10 Minute Shake Up will receive a free pack containing inspiration, ideas and tools to help kids on their way to achieving their 60 minutes of recommended activity per day. Packs include:

• a stopwatch for timing 10 minutes of activity

• a wall chart and stickers for the home

10 Minute Shake Up Disney character activity cards.

• unlimited access to the Change4Life hub

• a postcard mid way through the holidays, sent to their child from their favourite Disney character (optional)

The campaign aims to help the 4 in 5 children who currently do not achieve the recommended 60 minutes of exercise per day by helping to break it down into 10 minute bursts of fun! We all know that children need 60 minutes of activity a day and evidence clearly demonstrates the

benefits of children achieving 10 minutes or more moderate to vigorous activity, several times a day. This is enough to improve fitness and health overall.

Families can pre-register to receive their free Change4Life packs with stopwatch from 19 June at the website below. Alternatively, the full website and packs will be available from 15 July.

We hope you will enjoy using the 10 Minute Shake Up pack and getting active together as a family.