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Year 3

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Welcome Back

The Year 3 team would like to start off by welcoming back all the children and parents after the summer holidays. Year 3 can be a scary year for many of our pupils; making the jump from key stage 1 to key stage 2 can be very frightening. The children have to get used to a new building, new teachers and a new routine but the Year 3 team have said how extremely proud they are of all the children who have proved that they are ready for this change. They have settled in well during the first week and we are looking forward to the rest of the year. All the teachers are here to help and are looking forward to meeting all of the parents and getting to know all of the children better over the next few weeks.


We have lots of exciting things planned over the next half term so keep an eye on the school website and check your child’s book bag for any letters about trips and parent meetings. Please make sure you look at our yearly and half termly overview on the website to keep up to date with what your children are learning. The homework is set weekly and is accessible through our website. Children also have access to great education websites, to support their learning, such as:

Mathletics – an engaging and supportive education website to help our children enjoy maths and improve their results.


Dates for your diary:

Tuesday 11th September: Year 3 curriculum meeting.


Year 3 teachers are:

Miss Rawlinson – Lower KS2 Phase Leader

Miss Koumbas (Achievement Leader of Year 3) and Miss Wright – Emerald

Mr Symister- Ruby class

Miss Ahmet – Crystal class

Mr Sandner – Sapphire class

Ms Beasley and Miss Begum – Diamond class


We are all committed to ensuring your children have a safe, full and rounded year of learning and are all very happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.

Please check our website for regular updates.


Thank you.

Year 3 Team

Spring 1

Year 3, ventured into London to visit the British Museum. Our children are currently learning about key events and aspects of the Stone Age to the Iron Age.

These artefacts provided a great stimulus for creating discussions and making personal connections. The children had to use their historical enquiry skills to explore and wonder:

a) What is it?

b) When was it made / found / brought to the Museum?

c) What does the object tell us about life in the past and the people who owned / used it?

d) Why is the object important?

e) What is the connection between the object how society in Britain evolved?

F )Why is the object in the British Museum?

Autumn 2

I hope all parents and children had a wonderful half term. This term, our focal point revolves around myths (Ancient Greece) and what they reveal about ancient and contemporary cultures. This unit of work aims to inspire children to explore, create and imagine, whilst equipping them with life skills. Visit the website for regular updates.


Thank you


​The Year 3 Team

Remembrance Day

To all those, who lost their lives

Thank you for you courage,

Thank you for your strength,

Thank you for you bravery,

even though we have never met.

Here on this special day, I wear this poppy for you,

A simple reminder and message that we shall never (ever) forget you!

By Year 3

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Black History Week - year 3

In celebration of Black History Month 2018, our focus was on one of the most talked about issues in society today, surrounding the Windrush Generation (70 years). In Year 3, we explored the impact of the Windrush generation and its impact on British society, from music to poetry. Our children created and performed a range of diamante poems linked to carnival. Using carnival as a catalyst for learning, children had the opportunity to play and understand the history of a steel pan. Children also had the opportunity to create their own mask or headpiece to partake in our very own year 3 carnival on field, where we had a live steel pan player, providing us with a unique experience of carnival music.