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Year 1

Picture 1 Bradley Chapman
Picture 2 Athena Kakoulli
Picture 3 Lorna Cade
Picture 4 Hannah Mason
Picture 5 Charlotte Children

Welcome Back Year 1

The Year 1 staff are really looking forward to working with the new parents and children this year. So far we have had an excellent start back.

The Year 1 classes are named after flowers.

The Year 1 teachers are:

Mr. Chapman- Bluebell Class

Ms. Mason- Sunflower Class

Ms. Children- Rose Class

Ms. Cade- Poppy Class

Ms. Kakoulli- Daisy Class

Ms. Evans is our Phase Leader

During Autumn 1, Year 1 will be learning ‘All About Me’. In English we will learn about people who help us, through role play, a special visitor and exploring non-fiction books about people like doctors, firefighters, teachers and police men and women. We will be doing lots of reading in Year 1 so it is important that we read every day at home and practise our phonics.

In class we will be reading every day, following the Daily Supported Reading (DSR) programme. We will focus on the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’ by Eileen Browne and think about different cultures and where our families come from. We will also explore the book ‘So Much’ by Trish Cooke and talk more about our family members and our birthdays. Finally, we will look at the story of ‘Beegu’ by Alexis Deacon and write about different emotions.

Learning about ourselves will help us to create some art projects too, such as painting a self-portrait and making a collage of ourselves from different materials and shapes. In geography we will consider where we live and talk about our local area and places that we know.

We will also be exploring the topic ‘All About Me’ further in science. We will be identifying and labelling parts of a body and learn about our senses through fun experiments such as taste tests and listening activities.

In maths we will be practising our counting up to 100 and learning more about place value focussing on addition up to 20. We will be exploring maths with the use of lots of different resources that can help us like numicon, cubes, counters and number lines.

Please check our website for regular updates.

Thank you

The Year 1 team