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Year 1

Picture 1 Miss Rawlinson - Sunflower Class
Picture 2 Miss Mason - Sunflower Class
Picture 3 Miss Domb - Violet Class
Picture 4 Mr Pericleous - Blackberry Class
Picture 5 Miss Burke - Orchid Class
Picture 6 Miss Cade - Crocus Class



Under the Sea

Year one have been learning about animals including humans this term. We have looked at mammals, amphibians, reptiles and fish.

Last week we looked at real fish, close-up! We visited EYFS to look into the fish tank and watched the fish swimming around. We identified lots of their features.


“They have fins which help them to swim!” – Bersu, Sunflower class. “We have two eyes and the fish have two eyes.” – Maya Reid, Sunflower class.


Afterwards, we went into the science lab so that we could have an even closer look! Our teachers had bought fresh fish from the shops so that we were able to observe them and if we were feeling brave, even touch them! This way we could see parts that were difficult to see when they were swimming.


“The fish has gills so it can live under the water.” - Treyson, Orchid class.

“This fish has scales. They are silver and blue!”- Abdirrahman, Orchid class.



Advent Adventures

This term we have been learning about Christianity in R.E. It is a special time of year for Christians so last week, we went on a trip to St Peter’s church. We met the Reverend Tina and enjoyed hearing about her job at the church. She told us all about advent which is the time leading up to Christmas when Christians celebrate the birth of baby Jesus. We looked at the Advent wreath which was covered in green leaves and had 5 colourful candles that are lit one at a time leading up to Christmas Eve. When we got back from church we wrote a recount of our visit and what we had learned about Christianity.


“First we looked at the Advent wreath. It had five candles in it. Then, we looked around the church for the cockerel.” - Jemimah, Crocus class.


“Reverend Tina talked to us about God and Love.” - Omari, Sunflower class.




We had a very special visitor in Year 1 this week... Lucy the Labrador!

In Science, we are looking at animals. We have been looking at their features and are going to be learning about how to classify them into different groups, so it was really exciting to have an animal in the classroom that we could observe.

On Tuesday we were able to touch Lucy and feel that she had very soft, golden fur. We could see that Lucy had paws and a tail. Lucy even showed us how she uses her ears to listen when Ms Cade said ‘sit’!

"Lucy has paws and claws. Lucy is wagging her tail!" - Vanesa, Sunflower.

"Lucy is a dog and dogs are mammals." - Lina, Sunflower.

We are excited to learn more about animals this term and want to thank Lucy and Ms Cade for making this science lesson very memorable!


Year One




We came back from the half-term holiday with a bang!


Our new topic is 'Festivals and Celebrations' and last week, Year 1 looked at fireworks. We discussed the history behind Bonfire Night and wrote descriptive sentences about the noisy, sparkly explosions in the sky.


"Fireworks go up into the sky and explode." Daryl, Violet class.


"Fireworks don't just have gunpowder inside, some are like candles." Brielle, Violet class.


We made beautiful pictures of fireworks with different printing techniques. We used forks, cotton buds, finger painting and cardboard tubes to recreate the vibrant colours and wonderful shapes that fill the sky on fireworks night. Of course, we added glitter to make sure that they sparkled too!


We have enjoyed sharing Year One's brilliant work with their parents this week, thank you all for coming along!


The Year One team




Year 1 Learning Adventures

The Children in Year one have been working very hard over the past couple of weeks. We have been exploring our senses and our local area.

We were very adventurous with our taste buds in science! We went into the science lab and got to try different foods..

​​Some of them were delicious but some of them made us make funny faces. Afterwards, we categorised the food by taste into sweet, sour or salty. "The lemon tasted really sour!" - Abdi, Sunflower.

We also went outside for a sound walk and heard lots of interesting noises! There was the rustling of leaves in the play ground, a gate squeaking, a very loud dog barking and a car driving past on the road.

"I heard a hammer banging on the metal and it was really loud." - Mehmet, Sunflower.

We went on another outdoor adventure to explore our local area and post a letter to our home address! On this walk we used our geography skills and identified lots of human features such as our school, the roads, houses and a post box. We even noticed that the house numbers go up in two's and that our school is called Eldon and it is on Eldon road.

"Those are flats. You can see all the windows." - Zamil, Sunflower.

Picture 1

It has been an exciting few weeks and we are looking forward to everyone receiving their letters in the post very soon!

Keep on exploring and learning Year 1!

​Miss Rawlinson and the Year One Team



Welcome back Year 1!

What a fantastic start to the year! The children have settled very well in to Year 1 and are busy learning inside and outside of the classroom. Our topic for the Autumn term is 'All About Me' and the children have enjoyed telling us about themselves, their families and their hobbies.


We loved paint mixing and making self portraits. We then tried to make portraits in the style of the artist Arcimboldo using different types of fruit.

"I made a picture of me. It is called a portrait. It has my brown eyes, long hair and my nose and mouth". Ceren, Sunflower.


In science we are learning about our senses. We went on a science trail around our school to record what we could see.

"We can see with our eyes" Bonny, Sunflower.


Well done to the children who completed their first homework task and thank you to parents and carers for your continued support. It was lovely to meet so many of you at our parent curriculum meetings.


Keep up the hard work!

Miss Rawlinson and the Year One Team