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Meet the Team

Picture 1 Helen Vassiliou Inclusion Manager
Picture 2 Bahar-Teaching Assistant
Picture 3 Natasha-Teaching Assistant
Picture 4 Nebal-Teaching Assistant

Welcome to the KS1 Venture Hub.

We are all looking forward to our Venture Hub journey with you and your child.

Firstly, I would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents who attended our coffee morning on Thursday 27th September 2018. It was a pleasure for us all to meet you again and share this exciting time in your child’s learning journey with you.


Venture Hub Times

Morning Starts: 9.45 am

Afternoon Ends: 3.00 pm

Children start the day in their own classrooms. They attend assembly with their class and then work within their classroom, usually at their work stations with support, until 9.45am. The activities at your child’s workstation are planned for by your child’s class teacher.

The children return to their classrooms at 3pm so they can end their school day in their own classrooms with their peers.

Our Aims

In addition to the aims of the whole school, set out in the school brochure, the Venture Hub aims to:

Provide quality education for children to reach their full potential and achieve success

Ensure all children feel happy, valued, safe and secure in their environment

Build trusting relationships and work in close partnership with parents and carers and the community

Make learning fun to promote life-long learning

Give children opportunities to learn through first-hand experiences, practical activities and exploration

Plan for a broad and balanced curriculum that is child-centred

Settling into the Venture Hub Routines

We want the Hub to be a friendly, welcoming place where the children feel happy and safe. This is an exciting time! A smooth and happy start will help your child to learn. In order to enable this to happen, the school will:-

Continue your child’s learning journey and plan for them according to their needs and ability

Enable the children to have access to the Hub both indoors and outdoors.

Manage lunchtimes so that the children get used to eating with the whole of Key Stage 1 and playing in the main playground.

Support your child in starting to build relationships with new adults.

Ask parents not to feel anxious about their child starting in the Hub as your child will feel your anxiety.

Learning In the Venture Hub

We plan for learning through topics.

Our topic for the Autumn Term is Ourselves. We have had an exciting start to the Venture Hub where we have started learning all about ourselves.

Sometimes children will work as part of a small group, a larger group, individually or will be taught as a whole class. Your child will have support throughout their time in the Hub.

Learning In the Venture Hub

Our teaching in the Hub offers the children an education that is based on the following principles:

It builds on what our children already know and can do and takes their learning forward.

It ensures that no child is excluded or disadvantaged.

It offers a structure for learning that has a range of starting points.

Content that matches the needs of your child and activities that provide opportunities for learning indoors and outdoors.

It provides a rich and stimulating environment.

Venture Hub Autumn Term Overview:

Speaking, Listening,

Reading & Writing: Overview

Oxford Reading Tree and free choice reading

Speaking and Listening activities

How to greet your friends

Mark making

Tracing shapes, letters, numbers etc

Maths: Overview

Exploring numbers

Exploring shapes in the environment

Data handling- exploring our favourite foods, toys, colours and displaying our findings as simple charts Sorting

Science: Overview


Gardening- planting bulbs

Exploring battery operated toys with on/off switches

Light and Dark

Our Five Senses

Construction and Building

Art and Messy Play: Overview

Self Portraits

Foot-prints, hand-prints, favourite vegetable prints

Face Collage

Christmas Decorations

Cutting and Sticking

Developing Concentration: Overview

Attention Bucket

Sensory Exploration (rice, cooked pasta, cornflour, gloop, sand, water, play dough etc)

Turn Taking games

Hide and Seek

Bubble Time

Everyday Learning: Overview

Personal Care Skills and Relaxation

Lunchtime Skills

Outdoor Learning and Physical Education

Classroom Expectations

Sharing our Feelings

Snack time

Speaking,Listening,Reading and Writing



Science 1
Science 2
Science 3

Art and Messy Play

Art and Messy Play 1

Developing Concentration

Everyday Learning

Everyday Learning 1
Everyday Learning 2
Everyday Learning 3