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Picture 1 Shauna Johnson Powell-Year Group Leader
Picture 2 Kavina Delpeche- Green Class
Picture 3 Feriha Tezbasar-Yellow Class

Welcome Back

In EYFS we are off to a busy start with all the children in Reception starting school at the same time and staying for the whole day! We did have a few tears which is expected but generally speaking all children are settling well and enjoying various activities.

Blue Class

In Blue Class were are showing off our cutting skills with children making their own pictures to take home to show their grown-ups. We are also making new friends to in our new classroom.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Green Class

The children in Green Class have been working together to create models using the lego.

Picture 1

The children were experimenting with paint. They used the paint brush to spread the paint and make their very own picture.

Picture 1

Orange Class

The children in orange class have enjoyed role-playing in the kitchen, talking about what they are making and sharing it with their friends.

Picture 1

Orange class have been helping their toy animals feel better in their very own Vet!

Picture 1

Yellow Class

These children in Yellow Class are developing their social skills, and building relationships by playing together.

Picture 1

Outside the children in Yellow Class work co-operatively to build a track.

Picture 1