Eldon Primary School

Aspiration, Determination, Success

Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice

We feel it is important to have the child at the heart of their education and by doing this we need to listen to their views. Each child has the right to freedom of expression and as a school we always take seriously what children tell us about their experiences of being a learner, what gets in their way when learning and what helps them earn.  We listen to their opinions in many different ways-


School council reps- putting forward the class views

Their involvement with pupil passports and setting targets

Attending annual reviews

Worry boxes

Place 2 Talk

Weekly conferencing

Pupil survey

Playtime buddies


By doing this we have found it has helped our children with-

  • Self-confidence, self-awareness and belief
  • Appraise realistically
  • Children become more engaged and motivated
  • Children become more independent
  • We provide an inclusive school

Independent Learners

At Eldon Primary School our aim is to support all SEND children to become independent learners.

We do this by-

  • Teaching self-care skills.
  • Developing early social, communication and interaction skills
  • Supporting pupils to understanding behaviour boundaries and recognise what is right and wrong
  • Developing pupils’ ability to ask for help and communicate their needs
  • Teaching real life skills for example dressing themselves, cooking, shopping and exploring the local community
  • Looking after the environment and resources available to them
  • Developing an understanding of danger and how to keep safe
  • Being able to follow a timetable and know where to go in the school
  • Socialising with their peers at break and lunchtimes
  • Developing new interests and skills by attending lunch and afterschool clubs
  • Attending all educational visits and communicating with other adults and children
  • Developing their ability to work independently not always needing 1-1 support
  • Preparing them for secondary school and the skills that will be needed.

Nursery & Reception

“I love to play with the animals and I am able to name them all. My favourite song is ‘Old McDonald’ and I am able to sing along. I really like sensory and messy play and I love to explore different textures.”

“I really love playing with farm animals, I have a selection in my bag. I am able to use magnetic letters to spell the words of each animal. I also like love outdoor play.”

“I like to explore all areas of the nursery room independently. I really like quiet places and I often sit in the tepee and play with my toys. I enjoy playing in the outdoor area, especially going up and down the hill.”

“I really love to look at the fish in the tank, and I also love to watch the bubbles going up to the top. I like to clap along at singing time, and my favourite song is ‘The Wheels on the Bus’. I also enjoy playing outside in the physical area with my friends.”





“I really love number activities and I am able to identify the numbers on my cards. I also enjoy spinning the hula-hoop with my adult, I have lots of fun watching it go round.”

“I enjoy watching and listening to phonics sounds on the iPad. If I hear a song that I like I like to dance and sing along. I would like to be a policeman when I am older.”

“I am really good at completing puzzles with the support of my adult. I also like to read, especially the ‘look, touch and feel’ books. I really enjoy it when my adult uses a puppet to read the books to me.”

“I really enjoy playing in the sensory room and my favourite part is the pillows and lights. Storytime and singing is my favourite, I dance along to the songs I like.”

“I really enjoy PE and am able to follow instructions well. I like shapes and especially a star. Look at my star jump, I really had fun creating this shape with my body.”