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Promoting British Values

Promoting British Values at Eldon


The Department for Education states that there is a need:

“To create and enforce a clear and rigorous expectation on all schools to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs”.


The Department for Education defines British Values as follows:

  • Democracy
  • The Rule of Law
  • Individual Liberty
  • Mutual Respect
  • Tolerance of those with Different Faiths and Beliefs





Check our Gallery to see how we celebrated the Queen's 90th birthday at Eldon



EU referendum explained by Year 5 & 6

Still image for this video
Some of our Year 5 & 6 pupils went to the Metro newspaper to be interviewed and filmed talking about the EU Referendum.




School Council

Having a school council representative is a very important aspect of our whole school approach which gives everyone involved in our school a voice. It develops our school into a caring community where pupils, teachers and parent / carers work in partnership towards shared goals.

The Eldon School Council consists of two representatives of each class, from Reception to Year 6. The Council meets frequently to express views and make decisions.


In order to apply for this role in Year 6, children had to take part in a democracy, which is part of our British values. Children made mini election campaigns and speeches on why they believed they were the most suitable candidate for the role.

Our children then cast their votes in the class ballot box, where the results were counted and verified. Below are a few examples of their speeches detailing their manifestos.


See more information on the School Council and Class Pages.




British Values in EYFS

Democracy: making decisions together



Children are encouraged to think critically. In this picture the children were given the opportunity to make a waterproof hat. They were given a selection of materials and had to choose the ones they thought would be best to meet the design brief.


Children are given the opportunity to develop self-confidence. Here children were on a hunt for the gingerbread man. They had to ask adults around the school for clues, formulating the questions themselves.

Picture 1 Children helping to set up a particular area
Picture 2 Choice of resources, food, golden rules
Picture 3 Choices of resources and healthy foods
Picture 4 Developing self-awareness and confidence
Picture 5 Involve children in decisions
Picture 6 Making healthy eating choices
Picture 7 Parents involved in decision making
Picture 8 Respect for every day and their family
Picture 9 Respect of every and their family
Picture 10 Teaching children to work together
Picture 11 Teaching children to work together





Individual Liberty


Children are encouraged to take part in group discussions. Here they are talking about the class snail, how he looks and what he likes to eat.


Children are encouraged to take part in managed risks. Here is a child who was initially reluctant to use the monkey bars but was encouraged to take the risk. She can now move along the bars.

Picture 1 Develop self-confidence and self-awareness
Picture 2 Encourage group discussion
Picture 3 Encourage group discussions
Picture 4 Encourgae group discussion
Picture 5 Opportunities to talk about their own experiences
Picture 6
Picture 7 Support children in taking managed risks
Picture 8 support children in taking managed risks
Picture 9 Support children in taking managed risks
Picture 10 Support children in taking risks





Respect and Tolerance


Children are given an array of opportunities to role play different situations. This child was making traditional Georgian food for her ‘baby’ Melanie.


This child's daddy and mummy came to share her celebration day with her and her friends.

Daddy told us, “Her favourite toy is her dinosaur Brachiosaurus. She loved the visit to the dinosaur last year with Ms Mitchell and the nursery. She loves to eat chicken and rice.

Her favourite story is ‘The Lion King', but she also likes Frozen.

The children in class asked some questions.  “What is her favourite colour?"

Daddy told us it was pink.

Picture 1 Recognise and respect similarities and differences
Picture 2 Provide role play opportunities
Picture 3 Provide role play opportunities
Picture 4 Provide role play opportunities
Picture 5 Inclusive attitude to faiths, cultures and beliefs
Picture 6 Support children's understanding of diversity
Picture 7 Understanding the world through stories
Picture 8 Understanding the world





The Rule of Law


We do lots of work on turn taking. We use the turn taking wheel when working in small groups and during circle time we take turns as a whole class, listening to one another.


We encourage children to resolve conflict. These children were in disagreeing about who got to push the tire. After some adult input they spoke about how to resolve the conflict and then the children worked together cooperatively.

Picture 1 Children take turns and share
Picture 2 Understanding rules apply to everyone
Picture 3 Support child in managing behaviour
Picture 4 Teaching children to take turns and share
Picture 5 Teaching children to take turns and share
Picture 6 Teaching children to take turns and share
Picture 7 Teaching children to take turns
Picture 8 Understanding rules apply to everyone
Picture 9 Understanding that rules apply to everyone