Eldon Primary School

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Our Children have been busy tidying and planting in the school allotment area. They have planted strawberries, sunflowers, potatoes, beans, wild flowers and much much more!! There are treats for the wildlife and birds....we have had lots of wildlife visiting our garden. The children have shown enjoyment exploring and experiencing the garden.

SEN Trip to Edmonton Green

The children choose plants, seeds, windmills and equipment to go in the SEND garden area. The children attend a SEND gardening club where they are learning to work together to plant, grow and harvest flowers and vegetables.

SEN Panathlon Trip

On Monday 24th April Eldon where invited to the SEN Panathlon competition at Lea Valley sports centre. The competition had 10 school teams with a maximum of 8 children per team. This consisted of a rotational system across 10 games, all based on Panathlon multiskills and table top sports. This gave the children the opportunity to take put in a number of events that they hadn't experience before.

Gym Dough

Gym Dough is a programme to help children develop their gross and fine motor skills. Children are encouraged to squeeze, poke, pinch and roll the dough to music. Gym dough supports children to develop the ,motor skills they need to write.

Write Dance

Write Dance is an intervention programme that helps children to develop their gross and fine motor skills. It develops children's joint attention skills which involves children making movements to music.

Inclusion Trip to KidzBiz

We all had a great time learning to climb through and over the equipment. The children used their gross and fine motor skills to use the soft play equipment. All the children had great fun.

KS1 SEND Funky Hands Group

This group encourages children to have sustained joint attention, show enjoyment and supports children expressing themselves using sign, body language, speech and a communication board to express their wants and feelings.

Children performed a drum melody at the celebration morning

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