Eldon Primary School

Aspiration, Determination, Success

Extra Curricular Activities and Interventions

The children are involved in daily interventions to ensure that their specific, measurable targets can be achieved. These interventions are evaluated termly and progress tracked.

Here are some photographs of the children involved in Gym Dough and Write Dance.




We ensure that the curriculum meets each child's needs in core and foundation subjects.




The children really enjoy bike club where they are gaining their confidence to ride a bike independently. Some children are now able to pedal their bike without adult support.




Our children enjoy planting and looking after the plants in the garden. They recently grew their own potatoes, which they enjoyed cooking.




Physical Area

At lunch time we use climbing apparatus, bikes and scooters in the physical area to help develop our gross motor skills.


We also us the monkey bars which helps us to develop strong arm muscles so that we can concentrate in class and helps us with our learning.


The physical area is a small playground which makes us feel safe and secure. When we are in the physical area at lunchtime we are able to quickly locate our special adult if we need help.


We also like to invite our friends to come and join us on some days.





At Eldon Primary we ensure that all children are invited to attend clubs at lunchtimes and after school. Here are some photographs of the range of clubs we offer for all children.