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Bike It

We are now officially a 'Bike It' school!

Over the coming months we will be working closely with Sustrans and our allocated Bike It Officer to promote cycle safety and to encourage staff, parents and pupils to travel to school by bike.






Inclusion and SEND

The children really enjoy bike club where they are gaining their confidence to ride a bike independently. Some children are now able to pedal their bike without adult support.

Year 3 Cycle Training






Dear Parent / Guardian


Your child’s school has been invited to participate in a second hand bike market on the 27th April 2017 at Eldon Primary School, Eldon Road, London, N9 8LG.


The markets enable parents to recycle unwanted bicycles, earn some money and in the process create affordable bike stock for others in their community. If you have any old bikes gathering dust please bring them along, they do not need to be working (although we don’t take scrap) as every bike is checked over by a mechanic before being sold.


If you are looking for a bike for your child or yourself then come along in the afternoon to choose from an affordable, serviced, theft-free selection of bikes.


The event is a one off this year so don’t miss out!


How it works -

  • 08:00-10:30 parents drop off bikes for selling and we tag them with their details. These are added to the selection of child and young adult bikes (and adult on request*) we bring along.
  • 09:30-15:00 mechanic checks every bike and makes minor repairs where necessary and then sellers contacted with valuation.
  • 15:00-17:00 market opens for people to buy bikes. We accept credit cards and cash.
  • next day: sellers notified of sales. Payments will be made within 2 working days of sale via bank or PayPal transfer.
  • unsold bikes can be collected anytime on the day or we take them and sell at other markets
  • (25% commission charge in these instances).
  • Any questions - please email


*Any parent looking for a bike for themselves should complete a Wanted form on our website at least 48 hours before the event and we will try and bring something suitable along.


Kind regards,


Peddle My Wheels team

Twitter and Instagram: @peddlemywheels





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Big Pedal

Big Pedal 1
Big Pedal 2






Bling Your Bike at Eldon Primary School    



Dear Parent/Guardian,


We will be holding a Bling Your Bike competition on 13th March.


This is an opportunity to decorate your bike or scooter at home, and then ride it, or bring it to school. You can use glitter, ribbons, coloured card, stickers, or anything else colourful you have at home. Please be as creative as you like!


There will be fantastic prizes on offer for the most imaginative decoration of bikes, and we hope to show off some of them in assembly.


On the morning of the competition, could you leave the bike at the shelter in the front playground. Ensure that the bike is clearly labelled with your child’s name, so the bike can be identified for the prize giving assembly and leave the bike unlocked so it can be displayed in the assembly. If the bike is not labelled an unlocked, they may be unable to receive a prize.


Please ensure that no decorations interfere with brakes, chain, pedals and wheels, and that all bikes will be safe to ride.


Best Wishes

Mr K Hughes

(‘Bike It’ co-ordinator)







Design a Bike Competition                   


Our school is a Bike It school! This is a project run by Sustrans, a charity that’s enabling people to travel by foot, bike or public transport for more of the journeys we make every day. Sustrans is running a competition across all the Bike It schools in London. If your child would like to take part, please read the details below:


Inventors have been creating wacky and wonderful bikes since the bicycle was first invented, this competition is your chance to design your own crazy bike. Can you imagine something really extraordinary!? Think about what has inspired your Bike, is it Christmas, a famous cyclist or sporting event or do you just want one with one hundred wheels!


You can draw your bike, make a model or even decorate your own bike and take a photo!


The top three entries in each school will receive a prize and be entered in to the draw for the London wide prizes, there are two brand new BMX bikes to be given away so well worth entering!


We are looking for entries that are imaginative, exciting and fun and extra marks will be given for the most original ideas. Designs can be drawings, photographs printed out, collages but NO digital copies or large models. Please hand in to Mr Hughes with the info required below.


Terms and conditions:

One entry per child

Entries must include child’s full name, age and name of school

Entries must be handed in by 18th of January 2017.

A selection of pictures may be published by Sustrans and/or local or national media—parents/guardians please see below.


Best wishes,




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I agree that Sustrans may have unrestricted use of the Bike It Design Competition pictures for its own publications, website and presentations. In addition to Sustrans own publicity materials, Sustrans may also supply the Bike It Photo Competition pictures to third parties, including but not restricted to, national and local newspaper and magazines- photos will be supplied only in support of articles which promote Sustrans aims and concerns.


I have read this form carefully and fully understand its meaning and its implications.












Winners 1
Winners 2
Winners 3
Winners 4




Dr Bike

Ride your bike to school on Friday 2nd December for a FREE bike maintenance check-up.

Dr Bike will be at school with tools and small spares to make sure all bikes are healthy and safe to ride.

Parents and carers also have the opportunity to talk to our 'Bike It' officer over a cup of tea or coffee.







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Bike Ability

Bikeability is a cycle training programme. It’s about gaining practical skills and understanding how to cycle on today’s roads. Some of our children in Year 6 have been taking part in this programme to improve their skills and confidence in cycling. The training was provided by Cycle Confident Ltd who work with the Road Safety department at the council.

The training covered both off-road level 1 training (core basic skills) and then on to on-road level 2 training, on quiet local roads.


Year 6 will also be taking part in the training next year so make sure your bikes are ready!

I learnt how to sign and how to look behind your traffic shoulder and turning shoulder.



When you are turning look behind your turning shoulder.



I have learned that you should always look from your traffic shoulder (right shoulder) just in case a car is coming or coming in speed.



I learnt how to signal.



Always do your signal before turning.



I learnt that you must know where to ride on the road.



I know a few rhymes like the width of a door and a little bit more, or see and be seen.



You only need to signal when there is a car. When you turn left or right you always look. New lane, new look. Do not keep on changing your gear. Recognise typical hazards and understand the highway code.



During Bikeability I learnt how to do U-turns and signals.



You ride outside of the door zone a little bit more.



You should always stay a bike length away.





Reception Bike Club

Reception Bike Club 1 In Reception Bike Club the children have been learning how to use bikes safely.jpg
Reception Bike Club 2 The children have practised moving the bikes around a track.jpg
Reception Bike Club 3 The children know how important it is to stay safe and use a helmet.jpg
Reception Bike Club 4 The children practise manoeuvring on the bikes.jpg

Riding without stabilisers

Still image for this video
Congratulations on being the first child in Bike Club to ride without stabilisers!